A fence can add privacy and security and increase the value of your home. The location of your new fence will need to be prepared before a fencing company can begin the installation. Check out these tips on how to prepare your property for a fence.

Identify your property line.

First of all, know your boundaries. Consult your property plat and be 100% sure you know where your property lines are.

You can check for property pins in the ground. These are long iron bars that mark your property boundary. If you cannot locate them or if you are unsure of your property line, it is advised to have a professional survey completed.

Clear your property.

After your property lines have been properly located and marked, remove anything that could obstruct the fence installation. This includes tree stumps, branches, large rocks, overgrowth of foliage and personal belongings. A good rule of thumb is that you need at least three feet of working space on either side of the fence line.

Mark utility and sprinkler lines.

Next, your utility lines will need to be marked in advance before any digging can begin.  This includes power, water, sewer, gas, and telecommunications. The company completing the fence installation is responsible for calling in the utility locate request.

Sprinkler lines and private utilities will not be marked, that is the responsibility of the homeowner. Please communicate that information, if known, to the fencing contractor.

Check HOA regulations and get permission.

Although a fence is a common addition to a yard, you may need permission before beginning your project. Sometimes this involves securing a zoning or building permit from your county or city. In addition, you may live in a neighborhood with an HOA. Check their regulations, which may dictate fence type, style, height, color and other specifications.

Communicate with your neighbors.

Before the installation of your fence, talk to your neighbors out of courtesy. They can ask any questions they may have and adjust plans, parking, secure pets or other details if needed.


Now that you know how to prepare your property for a fence, you are ready to get connected with a trusted fencing company! Contact Creative Fence Designs to start creating the perfect fence for your property.

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